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Parents need to know that Justice League is DC Comics' all-star superhero adventure, with Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. As in previous DC movies, this one has lots of large-scale, explosive violence (close-up battles as well as mass destruction of property, all with loads of different weapons). But it's not as dark, and there's far less romance -- minus comments about Wonder Woman's attractiveness, a few shots of shirtless men, and a couple of kisses. Language includes occasional use of words including "s--t," "a--hole," and "son of a bitch." With its big ensemble and messages of teamwork and courage, expect this installment to appeal to viewers of all ages, but it's most appropriate for tweens and up. And while it's not strictly necessary, it's best to have seen Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman to really follow along. (Note: Be sure to watch the entire end credits of Justice League, because there are two extra scenes that set up the sequel.)

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